Room rental

Looking for a special location in the heart of Amsterdam? In addition to its own programming, De Nieuwe Yogaschool offers various options for private and business meetings. We are happy to open our doors for events that fit in with the philosophy of De Nieuwe Yogaschool.
We like to think along with you about the possibilities that De Nieuwe Yogaschool has to offer for your event. Do you want more information or do you want to make an appointment? Then contact us via

De Nieuwe Yogaschool

Laurierstraat 109
1016 PL Amsterdam

*Note: Our email often end up in the spam folder, so please double check your spam folder if you do not receive a reply..


Opening hours

Monday             07.15 - 23.00 uur
Tuesday 07.15 - 23.00 uur
Wednesday         07.15 - 23.00 uur
Thursday 07.15 - 23.00 uur
Friday 07.15 - 20.30 uur
Saturday 08.30 - 18.15 uur
Sunday 08.30 - 22.15 uur


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