'The important thing is not what style of yoga you do, but that you bring yoga into your life' Benieuwd naar onze lessen?

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If the thoughts, emotions and sensations of the physical body have danced their energetic dance in the light of your consciousness and you are no longer able to feed them by disconnecting your attention, something magical will arise. Space is created to become aware of a completely different state of Being that apparently has always been there. A state that is characterized by a deep peace, space, silence and satisfaction. In spirituality this is called Presence, the Now.

It is the presence that gives access to the Jnana; enlightened (self) knowledge. During this gathering we will create a context in which the presence and everything that unfolds from this presence can be directly experienced by you. The teacher will first briefly discuss the principle of Silent Sitting and then we will be silent together for at least 45 minutes. The class will be given in Studio 2 and there are meditation chairs and cushions. You can sit on a meditation cushion, but it is certainly not necessary. After the 45 minutes of silence, the silent sitting becomes a Satsang and there is sufficient time available for questions or whatever arises in the moment.

Realize that the above is much easier said than done. Experiencing the silence is, considering our 'monkeymind', challenging enough and requires discipline and determination. You also experience things or thoughts in silence that you would rather ignore, so this can be confronting. However, the light can only spread through the darkness so the 'shit' will come up sooner or later. A teacher once said: “There is no easy way to do this. That is why you can see this as the most challenging "form" of meditation until at some point it is very natural to Be this state. Be welcome in love and truth.”

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This meeting is free for everyone. Together with Sijbrand it is a possibility to delve deeper into the field of spiritual awakening.  

Many people are attracted to Yoga, meditation and spirituality. The material world outside of us loses its color and no longer gives the fulfillment that we seek. The attention is focused more and more on the inside. We look for ourselves. We look for meaning, peace, healing, love, freedom, god or the truth. This is a huge shift with consequences to the life that you lead. Something changes in yourself and sometimes you, let alone your environment, don’t understand what happens. The caterpillar feels attracted or recognizes itself in the butterfly. He wants nothing more than to become a butterfly, but does not know that he will become one. The moment he is in the cocoon everything he knows changes.

In the "Free Sharing & Satsang" you can talk to Sijbrand so he can help you to put this sometimes confusing process in context. If the caterpillar understands that he is in an inevitable evolutionary process, he may be able to relax more and surrender, which only makes the process more flexible, extraordinarily fun, enjoyable and special. There is room to look with love and truth at the unconscious, unprocessed structures, patterns, conditioning, limiting beliefs that we all carry with us. At the same time, Sijbrand will always continue to point out what you are in the deepest essence. 

Do you need a one on one conversation with Sijbrand? That is possible, he also gives coaching sessions. 



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