Within De Nieuwe Yogaschool much attention is paid to meditation and awareness. Various times for meditation have been built into the schedule, some of which are free and open to everyone, regardless of membership.

1) Urban enlightening (free access for everyone)
Every Sunday evening from 20:00 - 21:00. Silently state your intention for the new week at the Urban enlightening silent meditation.

Urban enlightening is an initiative to promote a culture of enlightenment. To make this possible, we ask people to open their living rooms for meditation or to visit a living room. De Nieuwe Yogaschool opens studio 1 and its living room to anyone who needs it. Research shows that when people are quiet together, they have a harmonizing effect on their environment.

Urban enlightening is an initiative of Tijn Touber. Visit the Urban enlightening website to read more.

2) Free Meditation (free access for everyone)
Morning meditation: Mon to Fri from 08.00 - 08.45.
Evening meditation: Mon to Thu from 22.00 - 22.30.
Read more about the free meditation and the team here.

3) Silent sitting
 & Satsang
If the thoughts, emotions and sensations of the physical body have danced their energetic dance in the light of your consciousness and you’re no longer able to feed them by disconnecting your attention, something magical will arise.

Space is created to become aware of a complete different state of Being that apparently has always been there. A state that is characterized by a deep peace, space, silence and satisfaction. In spirituality this is called Presence, the Now.
> Admission is €15,-/person for non-members

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